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2 Plan, Engage, Commit

In this phase, digital telecare providers seek to secure buy-in and commitment to the project. Buy-in, sometimes referred to as anchoring, sponsorship, or, simply, commitment, is required from stakeholders at different levels throughout the transition.

The project plan, preparation of which started during the Baseline phase, will be completed and confirmed. Funding and the procurement process will also be confirmed.

Engagement activities will be underpinning activities throughout the project. In the initial stages, these will include:

  • Obtaining buy-in from health and social care leadership.
  • Raising awareness of the digital telecare transition with all stakeholders.
  • Working to understand and manage stakeholder expectations.
  • Documenting known and expected challenges, risks (including how they may be mitigated) and technology inter-operability challenges.


Resources have been shared by each of the Digital Telecare Twinning partners. Partners have indicated whether a resource is useful at specific stages on the Roadmap, or, whether it is relevant across all the stages. Where possible, we have provided links to English language translations.

Agder Resources

Establish a buy-in structure

Select the title to access this resource. Agder has experience with the importance of having such a buy-in structure represented by the service managers. This document is in Norwegian, translation is required. If you wish to translate we suggest you – open the document using a Google Chrome browser, then select ‘translate to English’ on the pop up and the web page will be auto translated.

Significance of network collaboration by introduction of welfare technology in 30 Agder municipalities

Learning from the Agder region is presented in this master’s thesis. The theme is the effects of network collaboration at regional and municipal level. A development feature now seen in the public sector is the increasing use of networks. Digitisation has an important role in the further development of society and can in itself promote the network organisation of society. Select the title to access the English language version of the PDF document.

Andalusia Resources

Promotion of the ICT Sector Andalusia – 2020 Strategy

Andalusia has put in place a strategy to promote the ICT sector targeting the different stakeholders involved in line with the digital agenda of Europe. Useful for service leaders at all stages of the transition, in particular for those who are planning the medium to long term innovation in their region. English language version of this PDF document is accessible by selecting the title.

Electronic Administration Gateway

This resource provides readers with information about some of the technology projects developed by the General Directorate of Digital Strategy and Open Government, which are already in place in Andalusia. Select the title to access this resource. Open in Google Chrome to select the translation option.

Digital Strategy and Open Government

Resources produced to support the Andalusian digital strategy for open government. Provided by the Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administration and Interior, through the General Directorate of Digital Strategy and Open Government. Select the title to access this resource. Available resources include:

To access the English language content open this URL in a Google Chrome browser and select ‘English’ using the translation pop-up.

Scotland Resources

Mobile Connectivity for Digital Telecare

This document highlights the top 10 facts to consider when moving to a digital telecare service, some key materials to support you on your journey and some of the frequently asked questions. Access the English language document by selecting the title.

Operational Procedures for Digital Telecare Transition

Important for the plan, engage and implement stages of our Roadmap. This document introduces the guidance which identifies the existing operational procedures which will be impacted by the transition to digital telecare. The Scottish partnerships working with the Digital Office for Scottish Local Government shared good practice examples of how they are accommodating this transition. To read this English language document select the title.

The Digital Telecare Playbook

The Digital Telecare Playbook was created to support the transition to digital telecare within Scotland by dissemination guidance, templates and best practice. The content is relevant to staff working at all levels of Telecare provisions and across all stages of our Roadmap. A critical component of the national programme, this document provides an introduction to the Digital Telecare Playbook. Available in English, select the title to access the document.

National Briefing Document

The National Briefing Document was created to raise awareness of the urgency and importance of the transition to digital telecare in Scotland. Useful to providers at this stage. To read this English language document select the title.