International Networks

The International Engagement Team (IET) has established an extensive network of relationships across the digital health and care landscape and works closely with a range of national and international organisations from: health, social care and housing, third sector, policy, academic sectors to develop sustainable digital health and care services.

Our active participation in international networks is an important part of promoting Scotland, seeking out opportunities for knowledge exchange, developing new relationships and identifying opportunities for research and new funding. In our role we also identify opportunities to inform and shape the agenda around digital health and care to ensure Scottish priorities are reflected.

The networks which we are currently members of are

EHTEL (the European Health Telematics Association)

EHTEL is a European stakeholder organisation, which brings together corporate, institutional, and individual actors dedicated to the improvement of healthcare delivery through digital health. Donna Henderson, Head of International Engagement, is currently the President of EHTEL.


EUREGHA is the reference network for European Regional and Local Health Authorities. International Engagement Manager Andrea Pavlickova is currently the Treasurer of EUREGHA.

ECHA The European Connected Health Alliance

The ECHA network provides connections to more than 70 countries. Scotland is one of the ECHA Ecosystems. Andrea Pavlickova is currently the Chair of the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem for Integrated Care. Nessa Barry is currently the Chair of the Thematic Innovation Ecosystem for Digital Health and Wellbeing.

HIMSS The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

HIMSS is a non-profit, global member organisation which is committed to leadership and transforming the health ecosystem. The International Engagement team are founder members of the HIMSS Telehealth Network and Steering Group.

ICDA The International Care Delivery Alliance

Donna Henderson is currently the Treasurer of ICDA.

The International Engagement team also represent Scotland as members of:

IFIC – the International Foundation for Integrated Care

The Foundation is a leading voice on and advocate of integrated care through proactive collaboration with its wide range of beneficiaries. IFIC provides a forum for knowledge exchange with the aim of maximising the health and wellbeing of people and communities while improving the overall effectiveness and sustainability of health and care systems.

RSCN – the EIP on AHA – the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Site Collaborative Network

The (RSCN) brings together the EIP on AHA Reference Sites awarded by the European Commission, and Candidate Reference Sites into a single forum. The RSCN objectives are to  promote cooperation, knowledge exchange and the transfer of good practice and solutions in health and care strategies, policies and service delivery models.

Scotland Europa

Scotland Europa is the organisation that promotes Scotland’s interests across the institutions of the European Union and to the representatives of Europe’s regions and Member States.

Our work

The Digital Health and Care Division is involved in a wide range of work across health.

Our Strategy

Scotland’s refreshed Digital health and care strategy was launched on 27th October 2021. A joint initiative between the Scottish Government and COSLA, it outlines approaches to improve the care and wellbeing of people in Scotland.