Information Governance and Cyber Security

About the work area

The Information Governance (IG) and Cyber Security Team is made up of two distinct yet inter-related and inter-dependent branches:

  • Information Governance and Assurance
  • Cyber Security

Our vision is to ensure streamlined and mature Information Governance in Scotland, to enable the realisation of benefits from digital and data-driven health and care innovation. We are working to ensure a holistic Information Governance approach to enable end-to-end information across the public sector, where Scotland thrives being a digitally secure and resilient nation.

What the work area does

We are involved in facilitating transparent, fair and secure use of data and digital technologies across health and care in Scotland. Our work involves making decisions about data and technology which enables the delivery of services and supports transformation across the health and care sector. To ensure people are empowered to confidently manage information, privacy and security risks and opportunities, we are working to provide the right tools and training for handling data and using digital technologies confidently. We recognise that the people of Scotland expect technology and information systems to be part of how health and care services are delivered and for that to be a seamless and almost invisible part of the process.

For more detailed information about the work of our two branches, including examples of our work, please navigate to:

Data and Digital Technologies chart