About Us

Who we are

The Digital Health and Care Division is part of the Scottish Government and sits under the Director General Health & Social Care.

Key responsibilities are:

  • Leading on policy and strategy, informed by the latest innovations, research, evaluation, and engagement.
  • Transforming services through the implementation and spread of digital services and technology.
  • Providing expertise on information governance, assurance and cyber security.

We work collaboratively with a range of public, private, third and independent sector partners to deliver digital solutions to ensure that the health and care needs of the people of Scotland are met, and that they benefit fully from our innovation and digital and data developments.

Our governance

The work of the Digital Health and Care Division is governed by the Strategic Leadership Board (SLB) for Digital and Data Transformation, made up of representatives from Scottish Government and key stakeholders from across the health and social care sector. SLB are supported by the Governance and Assurance Boards which includes:

  • Major Programmes Assurance Board
  • Technical Design Authority
  • Digital Services and Innovation Board
  • Data Board for Health and Care
  • Digital Capabilities Board

All the Boards meet on a quarterly basis.

Our work

The Digital Health and Care Division is involved in a wide range of work across health.

Our Strategy

Scotland’s refreshed Digital Health and Care Strategy was launched on 27 October 2021. A joint initiative between the Scottish Government and COSLA, it outlines approaches to improve the care and wellbeing of people in Scotland.

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