1 Define Baseline

In this stage, service providers gather information to clearly set out how the transition aligns with policy objectives and strategies.

The alignment of objectives is essential to ensure that project plan, which will be developed, is supported and resourced. The project end-point, whether a stand-alone digital telecare service or an integrated digital telecare / telehealth service should be clarified at this stage.

In this first phase, telecare service providers should:

  • Define the key drivers for the transition to a digital telecare service.
  • Confirm senior stakeholder support from political and service leads. Support for funding should be clarified.
  • Identify the Project Team, the requirements for staff training and initiate the transition project.
  • Develop a stakeholder engagement strategy.
  • Gather baseline information on the current service provision model.
  • Prior to procurement it is important to investigate market readiness and review the available options for digital telecare products to inform decisions and procurement.


Resources have been shared by each of the Digital Telecare Twinning partners. Partners have indicated whether a resource is useful at specific stages on the Roadmap, or, whether it is relevant across all the stages. Where possible, we have provided links to English language translations. The resources are websites, reports, presentations.

Agder Resources

Select the title The Project Wizard to access this resource prepared by the Norwegian Digitization Directorate. The purpose of the Project Wizard is to contribute to successful projects. The project wizard is aimed at Business management – Project owners – Project managers. In the baseline stage, there are useful insights and guidance for example:

This resource is strongly recommended and valuable across all stages of the Roadmap. When you open the website in Google Chrome select your language from the translation pop-up.

A Quick Guide to Welfare Technology – Translated

Select the title to view or download A Quick Guide to Welfare Technology – produced by the Norwegian National Welfare Technology Program. This document is targeted at those who have been commissioned to work with the introduction of welfare technology and provides a guide to the activities which need to be carried out to introduce welfare technology. Relevant to all stages, with emphasis on Clarifying Need, Procurement, Planning and Implementation. English language version of the PDF document is accessible here.

Select the title to view Roadmap for Service Innovation which is a successful tool that is used within the National Welfare Technology Program, identified as the most successful tool in the Nordic countries for the implementation of distance-spanning solutions for healthcare and care. In January 2020. The steering committee decided to translate essential parts of the tool from Norwegian to Swedish and English.

This document contains the English translation of the six phases that make up the tool. Helpful for anyone who needs to plan an innovation such as transition to digital telecare.

Innovative Procurement The task of the supplier development programme is to increase the innovation effect of public procurement. Innovative procurement is about exploiting the opportunities that lie in the procurement regulations and the policy instruments to buy better products and services.

English translation of the text is available.

Quick Guide for Processing Health and Personal Information When Using Welfare Technology TRANSLATED

To provide secure health and care services, it is crucial that correct and up-to-date information about patients and service recipients are available in the right place at the right time. This guide is for those who work with welfare technology (Telecare), and who have gained experience and basic knowledge in this area. It is recommended that you read in conjunction with the Roadmap for service Innovation and the Quick guide to Welfare Technology. Select the title to view or download the English language version of the PDF document.

Andalusia Resources

Select the title Digital Spain 2025 to access this resource which is useful for all those working towards Digital Transformation and across all stages of the Roadmap. The resource has been produced as a result of collaboration between all economic and social agencies in the country. Includes measures, which are presented in ten strategic areas, to be undertaken over the next five years. Open the website in Google Chrome. English language content available on the website.

Plan-for the Digitalization of Public Administrations 2021-2025 TRANSLATED

The Plan sets out the Spanish position regarding the digitization of public services and is a companion to the Digital Spain 2025 resource. A very useful resource for all those working towards Digital Transformation of public services. At the baseline stage this resource describes scope of digitization required in the public sector landscape and how digital telecare is in line with this strategic objective. Select the title to view or download the English language version of the PDF document.

The Impact of Digitization in Spain TRANSLATED

Select the title to view this report which was published in 2019. This report which was produced by Deloitte, considers the relationship between digitization, reflected in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) produced by the European Commission, and economic growth. Which is represented by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita. The ‘DESI Digitization Index’ offers a comparable indicator on the situation and evolution of European countries in their digitization. The English language version of the PDF document is provided.

Action Plan of the Digitalization of Companies in Andalusia TRANSLATED

This document presents the work carried out and the key aspects and conclusions obtained throughout the study on the digitalisation of companies in Andalusia. Valuable at the baseline and all subsequent stages. The relevance to a wider audience, involved in digital transformation, is the helpful range of topics covered, the actions identified, the emphasis on raising awareness, and the importance of recognising (at all stages) culture change. Select the title to view the English language version of the PDF document.

Scotland Resources

Telecare Data

Select the title to view this document which explores the importance for telecare services of harnessing the potential that data can bring to provide a foundation for service development, improvement and transformation. For a telecare service provider, data is key to understanding the service, managing performance, demonstrating impact and making continuous improvement. This document is in English.

Digital Telecare Migration Issues

Select the title to view resource about migration issues in digital telecare transition. The Digital Telecare for Scottish Local Government and the TEC Programme and TEC Leads across the Scottish Local Government, carried out a survey to expose some of the data migration issues. This resource describes migration issues and the work to minimise disruption to services. This document is in English.

Telephony Switchover

This document explores the impact the shift to digital telephony will have on telecare services in Scotland. Select the title to open and read the document in English.

Future of Communications

An introduction to the different kinds of connectivity utilised by digital telecare systems. Select the title to open and read the document in English.