5 Embed and Exploit

In this phase, the digital telecare team have a robust service model which can be embedded into routine delivery.

The service evaluation framework will be in place to monitor the impact of the service.

It is important during this phase to continue to:

  • Raise awareness of the new service, to seek buy-in and adapt engagement activities.
  • Demonstrate success, develop and share case studies, recruit new users and build wider team support.
  • Review the data gathered (as part of service delivery) as a routine activity.
  • Use data to inform the planning cycle, workforce planning and to identify new services and potential expansion.
  • Discuss options for expansion, for example, to incorporate telehealth or, to develop a more integrated service model for health and social care.


Resources have been shared by each of the Digital Telecare Twinning partners. Partners have indicated whether a resource is useful at specific stages on the Roadmap, or, whether it is relevant across all the stages. Where possible, we have provided links to English language translations.

Agder Resources

Public resource – response center in Kristiansand

Select the title to view the website of the Kristiansand Kommune response center service which opened on in 2017. Open in Google Chrome and select English from the translation pop-up. The website is a citizen facing resource which provides content about the services available to citizens. The work of the response center is described (receiving alarms and alerts from safety alarms, smoke alarms, door fall and motion sensors) in addition to technologies available for GPS tracking, medication support and video surveillance. Suitable for continued engagement, education, raising awareness and recruiting new users.

Comprehensive service model for welfare technology

This resource will provide useful guidance across all stages of the Roadmap. The Norwegian National Welfare Technology Program has developed a comprehensive model for services with welfare technology. The service model for welfare technology contains a number of tasks to be solved and good practice examples of municipal solutions. Select the title to access this website. Open in Google Chrome and select English from the translation pop-up.

Scotland Resources

Technology Enabled Care in Housing – Charter

Embedding options for digital telecare and associated health and care services requires continued engagement with those who provide housing for citizens. In Scotland an example of this work is the Technology Care in Housing programme (TECH), funded by the Scottish Government’s TEC Programme and hosted by the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

Technology Enabled Care in Housing

The Technology Enabled Care in Housing Charter, is the core of the TECH programme, it is a framework of 7 pledges that promote good practice in the adoption of digital technology by housing providers. The TEC in Housing programme supports Housing Associations, Local Authorities and independent housing providers in a nationwide learning collaborative called the TECH Community. Select the title to learn more about the Charter and the TECH programme.