Seer 2 Platform

The Seer 2 platform went live in November 2023 which enables greater scalability and flexibility for data and analytics. This includes going live with the Near Time Data Service for Winter 2023-24 and beyond, which tests out how Seer 2 works across health and social care. The new platform enhances innovation by providing access to new technologies and opportunities for collaboration across health and social care.

Case Study - Seer 2

The Seer 2 Platform provides national technology and infrastructure capabilities for data management and analytics for health and social care in Scotland. It enables over 20,000 users across government, health boards and other public sector bodies to access high-quality, well described data sets. This allows users to access the data they need to undertake analysis supporting the development of insights to improve services.

The investment in Seer 2 has allowed for continuous improvement and new ways of working such as:

  • Moving from on premise infrastructure to the cloud. This provides an environment that can scale to meet the needs of customers and provides greater reliability than the previous platform.
  • It allows us to access capacity and tooling and to deploy this rapidly, to enable new datasets to be brought together and to provide a better experience for developers, customers and users.
  • Provides well described data which supports users to understand what data exists. This data can be used for a variety of purposes such as analysis, research, and innovation.
  • Enables data from many sources and across sectors to be integrated, enabling the creation of insight to improve outcomes.
  • Provides a technology platform which is secure, trusted, and responsive to user needs and new technologies.
  • Creates new opportunities to collaborate, innovate and scale.