Digital Maturity Assessment 2023 – Section Five

Technology basics are not yet consistently a foregone conclusion

When it comes to the availability and suitability of basic technology, our assessment found extreme differences between participating organisations.

While Wi-Fi access for healthcare and social care professionals was generally reported to be at least partially available, Wi-Fi for patients and service users was available only sporadically for some organisations (see grey bar in adjacent chart).

Others were at least partially unable to meet their users’ needs (especially when working remotely) or maintain up-to-date technology for healthcare and social care professionals.

This image is of a bar chart, representing responses to six questions on the availability and suitability of basic technology. The bars are coloured in grey and in blue. Different shades of grey and blue are used to reflect the homogeneity of the data.

Although not used by every organisation. responses to the staff survey component of the assessment confirmed those findings from an end-user perspective, especially in terms of being able to access healthcare and/or social care systems from mobile devices – a majority responded with “somewhat disagree” or “completely disagree” (NB, in general there was a common disparity across all organisations between what their self-assessment reported, and what staff reported with organisational responses generally scoring more favourably than staff experiences).

A bar chart showing responses to three different staff survey questions on infrastructure.

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